How to Motivate to Massive Action

“It’s the action behind the attraction that makes the wish
come true”

Powerful motivation comes in understanding that you can
achieve anything you truly desire in your heart. It is the
knowledge that you are destined to fulfill your every goal,
which drives you to change.

The decision is the first step towards change. Regardless of
the decision, every change requires some form of action. Do
you find it challenging at times to motivate yourself in
taking action?

Sometimes, I catch my mind making excuses, and occasionally
I ‘succeed’ in avoiding the action all together. Here are
some pointers I have personally found helpful in motivating

* What & Why? – “Start with the end in mind.” To achieve a
goal, it’s important to define clearly what that goal is.
How do you know when you’ve achieved it? Define a measurable end.

Once you have your goal, it’s important to understand the
Why – why you are doing it? Ask yourself what are the
motivating factors behind it? For your family? For your
kids? Why? Why must you succeed?

* Break it down to small achievable tasks – It is very easy,
and human, to be overwhelmed by the sheer effort and energy
involved in achieving a big goal. Especially if the goal
consists of many unknowns or a long-drawn process. We tell
ourselves it’s impossible or it’s too much work, and then we
give up even before we take any action towards a goal.

I’ve found it very helpful to always split the main goal
into several milestones. Then breaking each milestone into a
series of steps to achieve that milestone. For each step,
break them down further into smaller, measurable and
achievable tasks that can be achieved in a few hours or
less. This will make the goal appear manageable.

Achieving one task after another builds confidence and
momentum, and before you know it, the end result will be in
sight. Personally, I feel rewarded and more motivated just
by crossing tasks off with a black marker as I complete

* Take a Small Step – Even the smallest first step will help
create momentum towards change. “Start doing the thing to
have energy to do the thing” -Bob Proctor. When I heard
this, a light bulb went off in my head.

So now, whenever I don’t want to do something that I know
will help me, I would trick myself into thinking ‘I’m just
gonna start it, it’ll only take a few minutes.’ And once I
start it, I typically will finish the task. I have this
quote written on a cue card, taped on the wall across from
my bed, serving as a daily reminder.

* Rewards & Celebration – Give yourself small rewards for
each completed step or task. Then celebrate when you reach
each Milestone! I use ice-cream, Chai, reading and internet
browsing time as rewards for myself.

Look back at what you’ve done, enjoy it, embrace it, and
give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done! I like
to exaggerate this step by doing a “happy dance”: very silly
moves I do, that tend to make other people (and myself)
laugh. This way, my body moves, I’m smiling and my mind will
create positive associations with achieving milestones to
being happy.

* Pain vs. Pleasure – Have you noticed that you are more
inclined to avoid pain, than to gain pleasure? For example,
we all know the benefits of eating healthy and exercising,
but this benefit alone often is not enough to motivate us to
action. But, if your doctor tells you that you must live a
healthier lifestyle or in 6 months you will contract a life-
threatening illness, you are more likely to make the change.

Here’s a visualization technique I picked up from a Tony
Robbins ‘Unleash the power within’ seminar:

o Visualize yourself in 5 years without taking the actions
to reach your goal. See yourself in pain. Do this for a
minute, and then intensify the feeling. Feel the heaviness
on your back. Do this for a few minutes, and then relax.

o Now visualize yourself having achieved your goal. What do
you look like? How are you celebrating? See and feel the
benefits it’s provided. Now, let that feeling intensify. Do
this for a few minutes as the feeling intensify some more.

* Inspiration – Being around motivating people really helps
to inspire us into action. People who are consistently
aligning their decisive actions towards their goals. Being
around these people can be infectious, and their energy will
impact you.

If you don’t have such people in your life? Get a cd or dvd
of a motivational speaker. Just listening to an outstanding
speaker’s voices, can create enough energy to pump you up. I
recommend, “Anthony Robbins”, “Les Brown” and “Bob Proctor”.

by Tina Su