How to Love a Task that You Hate

Successful people make a habit of doing those things that
unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.

Let’s face it. If we are going to truly excel in our life
and business, than there are certain tasks that we simply
must do. Many of these tasks strike us as just plain
unpleasant, even painful.

Unfortunately, we are wired to avoid pain. This means that
unless we change our perspective on certain Peak Performance
behaviors, we will avoid them, and sabotage our own success.

On the other hand, perhaps we will do our necessary tasks,
but complete them with clenched teeth, furrowed brows and
irritation coursing through our bodies. That state is not
very pleasant, and will seriously hurt our productivity.
What happens when we need to speak in that mood? We say
ugly, unproductive things!

What is the ideal solution? It’s simple.

Learn to love the task that you hate.

Yes, you can. Remember, it is not the task that makes your
mood. It’s what you tell yourself about that task.

Now, the first time I discovered this, I was in a moment of
motherhood- vexation. Since then, I’ve applied this strategy
to my business tasks with great success too.

Here’s what happened…

I was in the mini-van driving all four of my children to all
kinds of different places. I felt like I had a hundred other
things that I should have been doing, and I realized that I
despised the thankless job of taxi-driver. As I sat there
scowling and driving, I realized that I needed help.

In a still agitated voice I shouted to the kids, “What is
great about car time?”

All four glanced at each other, looked confused and asked

“What is great about car time?” I asked, a little nicer. “I
know I need a new attitude and I’m feeling stuck.”

Soon, they came up with some benefits:

“We get where we need to go.”

“We get to listen to new music on the radio.”

“We get to tell you about our day.”

“We get to be together.”

“We get to have our gratitude parties.”

And on they went.

Somehow, after each idea, I felt better.

It was true. We so rarely got to be together at home to talk
and sing, and laugh. What a great opportunity we had in the
car. Why did I possibly hate it so much?

From that moment on, I have loved “car time.” I’ve loved it
on long road trips when we were stuck in traffic, and I’ve
loved it when we were just coming straight home after

I find treasure in having all four of my kids in such close
proximity to me. When their dad is around, it’s even better.

I’ve learned to love a task that I once hated.

Since then, I’ve helped myself attach pleasure to all sorts
of unpleasant tasks, and the result has been what we’re all
after anyway – greater peace, joy, and more profit.

What is it that you need to do? What is keeping you from
doing it with a smile?

I once had a staff member who made his living as a tele-
marketer. He totally hated it, until he used his acting
skills and started making his calls with different foreign
accents. He started setting records at his company because
he was having so much fun.

At that point, he got promoted to something he truly

What is one success-habit that you dread, but which could
make you much more successful? Only you know the answer to

Whatever it is, here are three empowering questions
regarding that task:

1. Why is this task important?
2. What is great about this task?
3. How can I do it in a way that is enjoyable?

Take a few minutes to answer those questions. We would love
to hear what you come up with.

Nothing is impossible. You can think, act, and feel like
successful people do, and achieve the same results.

You’re already successful.

Now, play to win.

by Gina Parris