How To Beat The Monday Morning Work Blues & Jump Start Your Week

Link Paycheck to Purpose – One of the deepest needs of everyhuman being is the need to make a difference in the lives of others. Take the time to connect with all the people who count on you and the lives you affect through your work.

Often we forget the men, women and children who rely on our work to live high quality lives of their own.

Find Work that Excites You – We spend most of our lives at work so we might as well find an occupation that fires us up and engages our hearts. Most people stay in jobs they don’t like because they feel they need the security or because “it could be worse.”

Yet, one of the most universal truths of all is that when you find work you love and have the courage to pursue it, success is certain to follow. We are all here for a special purpose and we all have unique gifts and talents. Discover your calling and have the self-discipline to follow it.

Set Weekly Goals – Goals offer hope to the hopeless and inspiration to the uninspired. Big, exciting goals give you a reason to get up in the morning and fuel your thoughts as
you move through your day. People without life goals are like a leaf drifting in the Fall wind, moving in whatever direction it decides to take them.

Get Up Earlier – Rather than beginning your week in the eye of the tornado, why not get up 1 hour earlier and take the time to enjoy some of life’s simpler pleasures,
pleasures that you may have neglected in your fast-paced lifestyle. Go
for a walk in natural surroundings, watch the sun rise or read a good book.

Contemplate how you will spend the week ahead and create a plan for success. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.

Stop Blaming Others – Successful people accept complete responsibility for every
aspect of their lives. They realize that if the way they are living is not
ideal, they have the power to make changes and improve their life’s quality.
They accept total responsibility for their current circumstances and continuously strive to make things better.

They understand that for their life to improve, they must improve and so they read more, learn more and do more than the average person. They don’t blame others for setbacks
but, instead, have the wisdom to know that they alone affect their destinies.

Keep Your Perspective – Too many people focus on the little annoyances of work. They complain about colleagues they don’t like or a boss who doesn’t care. They complain about the long hours or the endless commutes. But when you remind them that many people are unemployed, their sense of perspective returns.

When you inform them that some people have been searching for work for years, they begin to appreciate their good fortunes. When you mention that their salary is far higher
than most salaries in the rest of the world, they grow more positive about the positions they hold. Maintain a sense of perspective about your work and your life.

Focus on the Positive – Our thoughts form our world. Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Through the thoughts you run through your mind every minute of every day, you can create a rich, rewarding life or a living nightmare.

Remember, there is no objective reality. We see the world through our own set of unique lenses and we all have the power to interpret the world in a positive way if we so
choose. As one wise thinker said: “we see the world, not as it is but as we are.”

Grow Wiser – Rather than wishing for fewer problems, wish for greater wisdom. Rather than hoping that life will get easier, why not focus on working smarter. In these change-
crazed times, he who learns most wins. Become a lifelong student.

Learn more about your industry and field than anyone else around you. Read more than others. Go to more seminars and get serious about the work you do. This is how you become a person of great value whose success is assured.