Healthy Fear

There really is “healthy fear.” For example, it’s very
healthy to fear drinking before you drive. However, fear
should not be allowed to run rampant through our lives so
that it becomes such a devastating factor that it produces
failure. The problem is not getting rid of fear, but using
it properly.

Dr. Judge M. Lyle said, “Someone has said that the basis of
action should be love and not fear. Theoretically that is
true, but in practice it does not work out that way. There
are legitimate fears.

Fear of ignorance causes you to seek an education and fear
of poverty makes you work. Fear of disease motivates you to
practice healthy and sanitary living. Fear of losing your
job will inspire you to show up on time and do the best you
know how to do.

Fear of failing a class will drive a student to spend extra
time in the books. Fear of losing our family inspires us to
be faithful to them, work hard for them, and show them love
on a daily basis.”

From time to time I use the acrostic “F – E – A – R” for
“False Evidence Appearing Real.” However, if the evidence is
real, we should certainly have some healthy fear.

There’s real fear in walking across a busy street without
using the crosswalk. There’s legitimate fear in driving your
car at excessive speeds under any conditions, but
particularly where the visibility is poor or the streets are

We must learn to distinguish those helpful fears from the
harmful ones. When you can do that, fear is a friend. Until
you learn to do it, however, fear can be an enemy. Think
about this; learn what you should, approach the rest with
confidence, and I’ll see you at the top!

by Zig Ziglar