He Made Him Captain

One of my best friends coached a group of 13 year old boys
in soccer a while back. He saw some leadership potential in
one of the boys but he also saw some disturbing qualities.
My friend approached the boy and told him that he thought he
could be captain of the team but he wanted to see changes in
some of his behaviors.

Almost overnight, the boy stopped his whining and
complaining. He became responsible and an effective leader.
Today, he is the captain of the soccer team and parents who
have known this kid for years are asking my friend what he
did to transform him

My friend didn’t do anything other than tell someone that he
believed in him and thought he could do better. When was the
last time you told someone that you believed in them? You
can criticize until the cows come home.

However, if you want to see lasting change… find the
positives in a person and reinforce those. When you do those
qualities will grow and overshadow the less desirable
qualities. For an overnight transformation… find positives
and make them captain!

– Ron White