Having The Courage To Succeed

If only the “Cowardly Lion” had stopped for a moment and
thought “What can I think and do today that I have been too
scared to even consider before?”

In Italy, when my grandfather was only 6 years old, he had
to go to work to help support his family. He only went to
school through the 7th grade. From there on it was full time
work for him. In 1926, at 18 years old, he came to the New
World from the “Old Country” on a boat. He spoke not a word
of English and had no money at all. Just a dream…

By the time he retired in 1969, he had over $50,000 USD
saved, interest from investments and from selling his farm.
The value of that money in today’s dollars is over $240,000.
Not bad for a guy that had absolutely nothing going for him,

Why did I tell you this story? Because it took courage to do
all the things he did. And it took hard work, but he was
always the first one to tell you that without the hard work
and belief in his ability to get a job done, he couldn’t
have had the enormous joy he got from living.

Hey… you can do anything you want to do in your life if
you’ll enjoy right now for what you can, look forward with
expectancy, use the gifts and tools you’ve been given and
accept whatever bad cards you’ve been dealt. It’s up to you
to play them right. So stop stewing and start doing! You can
do great things. Believe!!

When he got the farm, he had to clear tree filled orchards
so that he could grow corn and other crops. And he didn’t
own any buzz saws. It was the hard way… by hand. And the
tree stumps? Pulled out by huge horses and ropes. The same
with the giant boulders that dotted the fields.

It’s a sad thing to watch people become despondent with
their lives. It’s sad because there has never been a time
when the human race has had it so good, especially in
industrialized countries. Better tools, better education,
better opportunities and better information to help take
advantage of those opportunities.

Imagine how much harder it was to live decades ago and
centuries ago. In many countries life is still the same as
it was centuries ago. So please, keep these things in mind,
consider yourself lucky and start acting like you’re lucky.

Do what you fear enough and you will have developed
courage… Almost as if by magic.
by Mike Brescia