Hard Work and Fatigue

Many of us come home after a hard day’s work feeling fatigued and worn out. If asked, we would honestly respond that the hard work has caused our weariness. In reality, hard work can be exhilarating, while frustration, delays, conflict, and unproductiveness wear us out and create fatigue.
As a professional speaker at conventions and arena events, I spend quite a bit of time traveling through airports around the world. People often comment on how tiring travel can be.
The travel, itself, is not really all that tiring. It’s the delays, frustration, long lines, and lack of coordination that often creates the tired and weary traveler.

Too many people confuse activity with productivity. Activity is tiring. Productivity is invigorating as you can observe the progress you have made toward your goal.

Just because you’re busy and tired does not necessarily mean you’re getting anything done. The hamster in the cage running furiously on the spinning wheel is creating a lot of activity and no productivity. He is running a great distance without making any progress.

There are several things you can do to avoid the time- wasters and fatigue-creators in your life.

1. Have a daily list of priorities you want to accomplish. List them from the most important to the least so if you run out of day before you run out of list, you’ve accomplished the maximum possible for your efforts.

2. Try to avoid trivia, interruptions, junk mail, spam, and unsolicited calls. This is much harder than it sounds as there are countless people wanting to make their priorities and problems your focus for the day.

3. Schedule brief breaks during the day. Take a walk, read a magazine, call a friend, etc. Five minutes of distraction and recreation can make all the difference. Sometimes it’s easier to get an hour’s worth of work done in 55 minutes than in a full hour.

4. Get in the practice of relegating everything on your list to one of three outcomes. Either do it, move it, or scratch it. When you close the book on today’s activities, everything on your list should be completed, rescheduled for another day, or determined to be so insignificant as not to be pursued.

You are the most important commodity in your business and personal life. We allow people to waste our time, energy, and focus when we would never allow them to steal our money or resources.

As you go through your day today, focus on priorities and avoid the time-wasters and fatigue-creators.

Today’s the day!

Jim Stovall