HALF COURT AMOEBA DEFENSE (click on book cover for more information)

 Half Court Amoeba Defense

TEN REASONS FOR THE HALF COURT AMOEBA DEFENSE: (1) Some teams do not attack a matchup type defense as well as a man to man defense. (2) Sometimes defensive changes are necessary to change the tempo and momentum of the game for your team. (3) Some teams have difficulty adjusting to defensive change. (4) The matchup defense covers up and defends very well both the inside and the perimeter game. It covers up the three point shooter as well as or better than any other type of zone defense. It also covers up the inside game very well. (5) Less fouls should be committed in a match up. You can play very aggressive without fouling. (6) The match up defense forces the contested shot! This should lower your opponent’s field goal percentage. (7) The matchup gives the team with lesser ability a better chance of winning. If your team has more ability it can help you dominate your opponents. (8) The matchup will neutralize speed, size, and quickness. It will also highlight those qualities if you team has any of them. (9) The matchup is a very good transition defense to fast break from. (10) The matchup forces your players to play as hard as they can for as long as they can. It also lends to developing a great team defensive unity.