Four Ways to Accelerate Your Goal Achievement

Most everyone has goals. And even if you don`t have them
clearly defined and written down (if that`s you, why not?),
you likely have some sense of where you want to go.

If you have neither, this article isn`t really for you. But
if either of the first two things is true for you then this
article is absolutely for you; because if you have goals,
I`m guessing you`d like to reach them faster.

The sole purpose of setting a goal is reaching the goal, and
in most instances, getting to the goal faster would be a
good thing! It doesn`t matter if you are behind on your goal
plan (or the deadline is coming up quickly), if you are
overwhelmed by the amount you have to do, or whatever your
reason is for wanting to “pick up the pace”, the four
actions that follow will accelerate your progress and move
you towards your goals faster.

1. Remind Yourself Why

You set the goal for a reason. There is some purpose or
series of benefits that will come to you when the goal is
reached. You know what these reasons are, right? If you
don`t, stop here and determine them before you do anything

Here are some examples.

Your goal is to lose weight so you will have more energy,
feel better about yourself or attract a mate (or wow them at
your class reunion). Your goal is to complete the project on
time in order to better serve Customers or earn a bonus (in
order to take that Mediterranean cruise). Your goal is to
complete the reorganization so that Customers will be
happier, productivity can be improved and people can get
settled into their new jobs quickly (so the lives of those
you lead can become more normal again).

There may be many “reasons why” for any goal you set. You
must know them, you must remind yourself of them, and you
must recognize that all “whys” aren`t created equally.
Notice how powerful and personal the above ones in
parentheses are? Those are the why`s that will keep you
moving forward towards your goals when you are frustrated,
tired or discouraged.

Keep your whys clear, and if you are leading others, find
ways to keep the whys clear and top of mind for them too.

We can achieve much more and achieve faster when we have a
clear and compelling reason why.

2. Take Daily Action

I really can`t say it any clearer than this. If you want to
accelerate your progress towards your goals, you simply must
take more of the actions required to reach those goals. Take
at least one tangible action towards the ultimate goal every
day. Cleaning your desk or organizing your files doesn`t
count. If you need to do these types of things, great, but
that isn`t progress towards your goal (unless your goal is a
consistently clean office). Forget the busy work, and get to
work. One task every day.

Want to move even faster? Take more action! Do two or three
tasks every day. Make them tangible and directly related to
the goals. As you take action, and see progress and have
success, you create more energy. The greater energy you
create allows you to take more action and have more success.
This virtuous cycle is a major key to accelerating your
progress towards your goals.

Want to reach your goal faster? Take action today, and every
day. Start now.

3. Learn Something

There is a complete and direct linkage between goals and
learning. The achievement of every goal requires learning.
If you already knew everything required, chances are a goal
wouldn`t be needed. In fact there are two major components
to the achievement of your goals – action (which we just
talked about) and learning (which we`re talking about now).

When you choose to learn things required for achieving your
goals, you create:

* New abilities and skills you need for success.
* New insights or mindsets that create success.
* New information that causes you to be inspired and creates

All of these things create speed in goal achievement.

When you combine steps two and three you have even faster
achievement. Note: One of your daily tasks could be to learn
something. This is a great daily action. But be forewarned,
learning something every day, by itself, isn`t enough.

Learning is a cornerstone to goal achievement, so as you
learn more you accelerate your progress.

4. Get Help

There is no such thing as a self made man (or woman). We all
need help and support to reach our goals, if even
indirectly. Even if you could reach your goals completely
alone, why would you want to? Get your ego out of the
equation and you will speed up your progress. Other people
can provide:

* Support
* A pair of hands to help
* Knowledge
* Experience
* A referral
* Encouragement
* And a thousand other things.

There is no need to go it alone, to do so is silly and non-

To reach your goals faster, get help and build a team.

These four steps will help you reach any goal faster. They
also will help you as a leader in helping teams and
individuals do the same.

Start today by looking at any current goal you would like to
achieve faster, then put these ideas in place. Rest assured
your future success will come much faster than if you don`t.

Potential Pointer: If you want to accelerate progress
towards your goals, remain clear on why you want to reach
the goal, take daily action towards it, continue to learn
things that support your goal and enlist the help and
support of others. When you take these four steps, you are
on your way to greater success sooner!

by Kevin Eikenberry