Evan Till Eleven

One of my good friends has a little boy named Evan. I call
him ‘Evan Till Eleven’ because it rhymes and I am a clown.
When I met them in April, he was zero. But, he just had a
birthday so now he is one year old.

A few weeks ago, we were at a swimming pool party. Evan had
no fear of the water. He kept jumping off the steps of the
pool to catch the water shooting out of the fountain.

Every time he would jump off the steps I would catch him
because little did he know that the water was over his head.

Evan did not stand on the steps and ask himself’ Can I:
– reach the water fountain?
– stand in the water or is it over my head?
– SWIM!!!??’

Instead, this one year old jumped and laughed every time I
caught him. I then swam him over to fulfill his goal of
touching the fountain. He laughed hysterically as he touched
the fountain and then I would take him back to the steps and
guess what happened?

You bet…Evan again, jumped into the water that was above
his head and I caught him and swam him to the fountain. This
routine continued for longer than you might think is

When Evan is at the bottom of a staircase, he doesn’t say to
himself, ‘WOW! That looks too high for me, I bet others have
gotten hurt, or what if I get stuck?’ Evan will look at the
steps and start up taking one step at a time.

As adults it would be a good idea to think more like a one
year old. We let fear stop us from really pursuing our
dreams. We wonder what would happen if we failed, got stuck,
ran out of money or looked like a fool.

Often times, this worry is considering things that may not
occur. Please do not misunderstand that analyzing a
situation and assessing the risk is not wrong. It is right
when it is tempered with some measure of risk and optimism.

In 13 years of running my own business I have asked myself
what would happen if everything went wrong at the same time.
However, I did not allow that answer to keep me from jumping
off the steps.

And you know what?

6 years ago, everything did go wrong and things went bust.
But, It wasn’t all that bad. I was actually happy to find
that the fall wasn’t bad as I thought and I swam back to the
steps and jumped off again.

Today I am happily at the fountain I was reaching for. If
you are on the steps and you are considering that risk of
failure; if it is not a life or death risk… I encourage
you to jump.

I won’t be there to catch you, but you might be surprised to
find that you are caught by your own imagination, drive,
work ethic or the hidden hand of your Creator.

Put fear in its place and risk… Evan would

by Ron White