Dream Insights

A dream is simply something that you want. And where do
dreams come from? You make them up. Some are based on needs
such as putting healthy food on the table or sending your
kids to a good school.

Some of them are based on desires such as writing a book,
buying a home, or traveling to an exotic location. But by
far, the most profound dreams are those that are the
expression of your life’s purpose.

* You have to have a dream to have a dream come true.

* Trust your intuition and follow your heart.

* Every resource you need is available to you.

* Believing in your dream is an essential component.

* There are signs showing you which way to go. Learn to read
and act on them.

* There is often lag time between imagining your dream and
making it happen.

* You have the ability to make your dreams happen but it
will require your willingness to do whatever it takes.

* On the other side of fear are great lessons. Stay more
committed to your dream than to your doubt.

* As you complete one dream, it’s time for another. Don’t
ever be afraid to cross the finish line. There are always
more dreams available.