Don’t Just Hang In There!

Have you ever asked anyone how they were doing, and had them
reply “I’m hanging in there?” Have you ever answered the
question that way yourself?

Don’t do it!!

That is such a negative and self-sabotaging metaphor for
your condition. Happy and successful people do not “hang in
there.” Hanging implies desperation, as in hanging on by the
fingernails (or hanging by the neck). What do you think you
are saying to yourself when you tell someone else that
you’re “hanging in there?”

If you say it often enough, you will start to believe it.
Once you believe that you are desperate, you will become
depressed, risk-averse, and bitter. And that is not a
formula for a happy and successful life.

I hope it goes without saying that if someone comes to you
with a problem (for example, they’ve just been diagnosed
with cancer), you should not tell them to hang in there.

Metaphors are a profound and powerful form of human
communication. More than any other format, they shape the
way we see the world, how we interpret what we see, and how
we describe our vision to others.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that negative metaphors can
be a serious impediment to your achieving your goals and
dreams. Nor am I exaggerating when I say that you can change
your life by changing your guiding metaphors.

by Joe Tye