Don’t just check it off — Mark It Done

Mark it done – After we’ve finished a task, very often there’s an immediate need to literally strike that task off our list.

While this is normal, far better might be to follow the idea that a reader of my newsletter sent in to me…

Rather than simply “striking it off the list” they choose to mark it done!

On the surface one might not see much of a difference here. However, by marking it “done” it is easier for us to look back on our achievements and see the progress we’ve made in our efforts.

There’s an interesting saying that states, “If we want to make steady gains we have to see clearly where we’re headed.” Keeping clear records of our successes serves as a nice guiding post for doing just that.

Here’s hoping this message finds you taking the time to write down and track your daily accomplishments. Doing so will greatly help to guide you in the direction of your goals and dreams which in turn does wonders towards making them a reality… Here’s to your success, Josh Hinds.