Discipline: It’s a Funny Thing!

It’s funny. I always believed the word “discipline” meant
being confined and constricted. Being the rebellious
and resistant person I was these were not experiences I wanted
to have.

Why would I be disciplined if I thought it meant I would be
confined to a regimen or that it would somehow constrict me?

It’s funny. Even though I held the belief that discipline
was constricting; the thing that continually impressed me
most about so many people I admired was
their personal discipline to reach their dreams.

I wondered why I admired it in others so much? They do what
needs to be done in the face of adversity and have the
discipline to keep on moving forward no matter
what. Athletes, entertainers, politicians and writers are common
examples of people who demonstrate discipline in their

Look at the people you admire whether they are well known or
not. Take note and see if you admire them because they are
disciplined and have the ability to “bounce back”.

It’s funny. I’ve discovered that being disciplined in life has
very little to do with my moods. It really doesn’t matter whether I don’t
“feel” like doing something at the time. What I realize is that what matters
most is; discipline is a choice. It’s not based on my momentary mood
or emotional state.

My mood or any fear or doubt that might creep in out of
habit or outside circumstances have no real effect on
whether I’m disciplined or not. I’ve decided to do something
for a reason and so I will do it because of that choice.

It’s funny. Being disciplined actually has little to do with
the limiting belief I’ve been holding on to. Once I
decided to investigate my own belief I can see how untrue it is.
It doesn’t hold up under close scrutiny. I discovered that
discipline is actually the opposite of the illusion I once
held. It is actually the road to freedom and self-expansion.

When I am disciplined I feel better about my behavior, my
actions and about myself. This inner strength becomes
more important than any obstacle I might encounter.

If discipline is a challenge for you, here are some
suggestions to build and maintain it:

1. Investigate your belief. What does the word “discipline” mean
to you? If you discover any limiting beliefs take a
closer look and see if they are really true.

2. You are more disciplined than you think. Everyone is
disciplined at something; even if it’s sitting on the
couch and watching television! Now you can turn your ability to
be disciplined toward something else.

Pick one thing and do it; then pick a second thing and do
that. Before long you will discover that you are creating
the habit of discipline.

3. Begin Small. If discipline is a challenge for you it is
important to begin with small doable steps first.
Begin with making a phone call, sending an email or writing a

You may want to identify 10 people you want to contact
for your business and complete that list today. It’s all
doable… just begin!

4. Celebrate Your Successes! One of the things I ask my clients
is to celebrate their successes every day. Don’t wait for a “large” success;
celebrate every success you have each day.

You can do this by identifying 3 things you feel good about
and write them in a journal each day. Celebrate the fact
that they make you and others feel good!

By David Breslow