Count Your Daily Wins

It has been said that you and I tend to become what we think
about most. If we believe this to be true doesn’t it stand
to reason that we would do well to take an active role as to
what we allow to become our most dominant thoughts?

Hopefully you would agree that we would all benefit greatly
by choosing to recount the daily achievements we
experience.No matter how small or insignificant you may view them at
the moment each should be acknowledged — and framed in our
mind as they are — successes. If we neglect to do so
there’s a chance that we will end up focusing on the
occurrences of our day that don’t help to build our own

There’s great personal power that comes from celebrating
both our larger achievements as well as the small successes
that we experience ongoing in our lives.

The reality is that you and I have the choice to allow
ourselves to gravitate towards thinking about the negative
things we have experienced, or we can choose to take a
more pro-active approach where we make the choice to re-live in
our mind the positive accomplishments of the day.

It really does get right down to making the choice to see
things from a half full versus half empty mentality. Make
the choice to see the positives and that’s exactly what
you’ll notice more of.

Action exercise:

At the end of each day just before heading to sleep take a
moment to write down several successes from the day.
Remember that they don’t have to be monumental to count as asuccess.
Anything from meeting a new person to calling on a new client and just about
anything in between qualifies as a worthy achievement.

After you have written down your daily list — read over
what you’ve written and each time you do so close your eyes
for a moment and try to experience the positive
feelings associated with your given accomplishments.

By following this idea we can actually control what we
choose to focus in on. While we don’t always have complete
control over what happens to us, we do have the choice
to focus our minds on (and thus give power to) those things
that are most likely to get us on a positive path.

My hope is that the ideas shared above help you to better
take control of your most dominant thoughts. Always
remember that if one person can succeed in a given endeavor then so
can you and I.

– Here’s to your success, Josh Hinds