Most of us are looking for new ways to make a quantum leap
in our personal or professional lives. The road to the top
is rarely a gradual incline. Instead, it is a series of
stair steps that takes us from where we are to where we want
to be.

This is not to say that success doesn’t require constant
effort, because it does. It is simply a matter of the fact
that some days progress is readily apparent, and other days
the progress is invisible.

You can plant an entire field with seeds. You can cultivate,
fertilize, and water your field for many days and nothing
may be apparent. Then, seemingly overnight, small, fragile
plants will begin to appear. They will continue to grow and
then, one day, you will be ready to harvest.

At the end of the harvesting process, with luck and hard
work, you will have a bountiful crop. That crop did not all
come during the day of the harvest. It is a progression from
the time you began to plan your planting until you go into
the field and collect your crops.

This ongoing process is, therefore, marked by a series of
apparent quantum leaps.

by Jim Stovall