Chart Your Course… It Makes All The Difference

by Josh Hinds

Allow me to pose the following question to you. What do you
think would happen if a ship set out to sea on a long voyage
yet didn’t have the proper navigation system in place?

Several things might happen actually…

The ship might float aimlessly until the captain decided to
give up and come back home. Another thing that might occur
is that given enough time it may actually stumble upon its

In each of the examples the end result could have been much
different had the crew simply took the time to properly
chart their course prior to setting out to sea in the first

Proper planning does take time, but the extra effort can
make a huge difference with regards to our outcome.

The same rule applies when it comes to our own lives.
Charting our course is basically the same thing as keeping a
clear list of goals.

My friend, believe me when I tell you that the clearer an
idea of where you want to go that you have in place, the
better your chances will be of actually reaching your
destination. The achievement of your goals and dreams are
well worth the effort it will take.