Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life

In my experience in various facets of organizations, I’ve
found that opportunities are awarded most often to the
person who has the best attitude for the job, not
necessarily the one with the most aptitude for the job.

By changing your attitude to be more positive, people will
want to talk to you, and you’ll get more opportunities. More
opportunities means more chances of success, more chances of
success means more success, and more success means a better,
changed, life. You do want to live a great life, don’t you?

So how do you change your attitude? Here’s 3 tips to help
you get started.

1. Focus on what you can do – when someone asks you for
help, even if you’re not the person that can help them,
focus on the can. Let them know you can help them contact
the right person to get their question answered.

If you’re looking for a job and someone asks you a question
about what you can’t do, turn it around and focus on what
you can do. Let’s say the question is “Can you type 100
words per minute?” and you can only type 80 words per
minute. Answer the question “I can type 80 words per minute
with 95% accuracy.”

2. Smile at everyone you meet – Take 1 day and smile at
every person you meet. Don’t worry if they don’t smile back,
just keep smiling. By the end of the day, you’ll be happier
because smiling automatically gives you more energy than
frowning. Try it if you don’t believe me!

3. Answer “as if” – Pick 1 day, and no matter how you’re
doing, think about your best possible day, and when people
ask you’re how you’re doing, answer “as if” you’re having
your best possible day. I always answer that I am doing
great, and though at first it felt a bit forced, now, every
day, I really am great!

Remember: only you can make your life better. So I ask you,
will you settle for average, or will you do what it takes to
Make it Great!?

by Phil Gerbyshak