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SPECIAL PLAYS FOR SPECIAL TEAMS AND SPECIAL PLAYERS (click on book cover for more information / available in ebook format only)

Special Plays for Special Teams & Special Players

Do you have that “Special Player” that you need to get shots. You know you must get this player shots but guess what — so does your opponent. Use these Special Plays to get that Special Player the shots. See defenses frustrated, points on the board and fans that think your are a master of the game.


SNIPER 1-2-2 ZONE DEFENSE (click on book cover for more information / available in ebook format only)

Sniper 1-2-2 Zone Defense

The Sniper 1-2-2 Zone Defense is an unique 1-2-2 defensive attack that stymies the opposition. More and more teams are screening the middle of zone defenses today. And screening the bottom defenders in the 1-2-2. With the Sniper this is impossible. The Sniper utilizes three quick guard in a dynamite defensive rotation. Also included to compliment the Sniper 1-2-2 is the Sniper 1-3-1 half court extended defense. The Sniper 1-3-1 is an awesome compliment to the Sniper 1-2-2 defense.


RUNNER OFFENSE FOR THAT SPECIAL SHOOTER (click on book cover for more information / available in ebook format only)

RUNNER OFFENSE: for that "Special Shooter"


Do you have that special shooter that you want to get as many shots as possible? The “RUNNER Offense for that “Special Shooter”” will get you the shots you want. While at the same time it will take advantage of opponents that try to “cheat” and help on this Special Shooter. Yet, probably the best feature of this fantastic offense is that it will work against ANY half court offense: straight man to man, zone, match-up, point zone, switching man to man and even half court traps. Now your players don’t have to learn different offenses for different defenses. One offense = excellent execution. Of course if you have that “Special Shooter” you will have to play against a Box & One or Diamond & One” defense, and the RUNNER Offense for that “Special Shooter” is just the offense to defeat these Junk defenses.


PARAMOUNT PRESS OFFENSE (click on book cover for more information / available in ebook format only)

Paramount Press Offense


The Paramount Press Offense is a press breaker that attacks any full court or half court defensive pressure. While it is designed to attack zone pressure both in the full court, 3/4 court and half court, it has been very effective in the past at also attacking pressure man to man defense due to it’s unique configuration. Explained in the book are the concepts of: swing, fake swing, cut and fill, see-saw, middle and much more. This is the press attack I’ve used for many years to successfully attack pressure defense. The press attack is easy to learn in the basic form. And easy to advance step by step till you have a dominate press attack.


THE BALL PRESS (click on book cover for more information / available in ebook format only)

The Ball Press


This is a very exclusive look at “The Ball Press.” “The Ball Press” is a defensive system that can be used to cause your opponent untold hardships regardless of the talent you have on hand. It is a defensive system for that will serve you well for a game, a season, or a lifetime. Press without giving up the easy layup. Cause confusion on the part of the opponents. Learn the secrets of this awesome defense. Learn why teams have become instant winners after employing “The Ball Press.” “The Ball Press” is the great equalizer in the game of basketball!


EASY TO TEACH ZONE DEFENSES (click on book cover for more information / available in ebook format only)

Easy to Teach Zone Defense


There always has been and there always be a place in the great game of basketball for the zone defense. Learn very unique zone defenses that are easy to teach but more importantly they are fundamentally sound and easy to learn.


1-4 FLEX OFFENSE (click on book cover for more information)

1-4 Flex Offense

The 1-4 Flex Offense has numerous offensive advantages and it possesses the following strengths: 1. Excellent team play due to five man passing and cutting movement into the scoring area. 2. Operates close to the basket. 3. Offers a high percentage shot. 4. Easy to learn and execute. 5. Can get a quick shot or can be used effectively for ball control. 6. Easy to reset when the pattern is broken. 7. Hard to pressure effectively. 8. All positions are interchangeable. 9. Can be used as a power game or a finesse game. 10. Can be a very disciplined offense but also has a lot of scoring options for the good one-on-one players.