Attract Success

Five years ago, while at a party, my friend Sandy Davidson and I realized we had a lot in common. We both went to Cornell University. We both lived in Atlanta. We were married to great women (I hope my wife reads this). We both had dreams of living near the beach and we both wanted a lot more fulfillment from our lives and careers.
A year later I made the move to Ponte Vedra beach. Sandy was still in Atlanta, unhappy with his job and life. Then a few years later I received a call from Sandy.
He and his wife Jenna had made the move to St. Simons Island, Georgia, only about an hour from where I live. Jenna obtained a job selling real estate while Sandy went to work selling home sites for a national land development company.

When we went to visit Sandy and Jenna not too long ago, I asked them how they made the move- how they went from where they were to where they wanted to be. Their story is a lesson for us all.

They bought a subscription to Coastal Living Magazine and started looking at all the pictures of houses on the beach. They bought a regular spiral bound notebook and on the front of the notebook they taped a picture of an ocean front home.

Every week they held a planning meeting where they wrote their goals, ideas, dreams and plans inside their “move to the beach” notebook. They painted their Atlanta condo “ocean blue” and decorated it as if it was a beach cottage. They hung pictures from Coastal Living Magazine on their walls.

Each day they visualized themselves living and working near the beach while they investigated job opportunities in various coastal communities. While their friends and family thought they were crazy for trying to move to a small beach town with a small job market, Sandy and Jenna were focusing their energy and transforming their vision into reality.

Now that reality includes a beautiful home in St. Simons Island, just minutes from a beach, their own rental property and very prosperous careers in real estate development. They are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams and it is not by accident. Their recipe is something we all can follow…

They had a powerful vision – If you can see it, you can create it. What you think about you attract. The more you think about something the more it shows up in your life.

They acted as if it was already happening by decorating their condo like a beach cottage – When you act “as if” you become a magnet and receive the energy you project.

They wrote down their goals and plans – By writing down your goals and plans the energy becomes more powerful and real.

They met often to discuss these plans – With a team approach you create a powerful collective energy that propels you forward.

They ignored the doubters – When your vision, belief, and trust are more powerful than anyone’s negativity, you will accomplish amazing things.

They invested their time and energy to make this happen – our focused energy, attention and action transform thoughts and ideas into reality.

They made the move and took a chance – To achieve great things action is required-often in the face of fear and uncertainty.

So now I ask, “What success do you want to attract?” Whether you want to start a business, increase your sales, obtain a promotion, get fit, or make a life change, you must start by projecting powerful energy that attracts success into your life. Start thinking about what you want to create.

Start writing down your goals. Think about your vision and your goals often. Place your attention and energy on the very things you want to create. Take a break from the radio and television and spend your energy broadcasting your goals and dreams over your own media network.

And of course… take action. Action is necessary. You must take the leap. You must put forth the energy to transform your vision into realty.

So have fun, work hard, enjoy the moment and trust that the energy you project, you will attract and receive. It worked for Sandy and Jenna and I believe it will work for you.

Sending Positive Energy Your Way, – Jon Gordan