Allow Difficulties to Teach You, Not Defeat You

Everything happens for a reason. I know we’ve all heard that
before, but it’s true. There is nothing random in the
Universe. Nothing. So, when difficult, almost impossible
situations arise, we need to look around and examine what we
are doing in our lives.

Infinite Intelligence communicates with us in different
ways. Each person is unique in the way they receive
information from the Universe. Your lessons may show up in
the form of plunging finances or failing health.

I know of a marvelous spiritual teacher who knows she needs
to re-evaluate her life by the condition of her car. When
she loses her spiritual way or stops concentrating on her
goals her car breaks down. Strange, yes. But the Universe is
a strange and perfect place.

No matter what forms your teachers take, recognize them as
wake-up calls. Start paying attention, because the Universe
is trying to tell you something.

Action Step:

In closing, I’d like to offer an exercise to complete in the
week ahead:

How many times have you faced difficulties in your life?
When they presented themselves did you put the blame onto
someone else, even God? Doing that didn’t really solve
anything, did it?

The next time you encounter obstacles I want you to try
something new. I want you to be thankful for the situation.
(Yes, that’s what I said, I want you to be thankful for it.)
Then, I want you to gratefully ask: “What is this temporary
situation here to teach me?” I want you to say “thank you”
and ask that question in your heart and out loud every day
until the situation passes.

Keep a daily journal detailing what occurs during this time.
When you take an attitude of gratitude and acknowledge your
willingness to be a student of the Universe, difficulties
leave your life quickly.

I’ll see you next time!
Mark Victor Hansen