“All Hands on Deck”

“In these perilous times, as our youth are faced with this increased
adversity, we can learn from others. In the armed forces, particularly in
all the navies throughout the world, every seaman understands one phrase
that is a clarion call for immediate help, no matter what he is doing or
where he is on the ship. The call is ‘All hands on deck.’ Many a
battle at sea has been won or lost by the response to this
“We–as leaders of youth, anxious fathers, and concerned grandfathers–
all need to respond to the call for ‘all hands on deck’ as it pertains to our youth and
young single adults. We must all look for opportunities to bless the youth
whether or not we are currently closely associated with them. We must
continue to teach and fortify fathers and mothers in their divinely
declared roles with their children in the home.

“Now is the time when in every action we take, in
every place we go, we need to have an increased awareness of the need
for strengthening, nurturing, and being an influence for good in their lives.”