10 Tips To Reduce Stress

By Mary Ann Masur

1. Determine your “unique ability” and capitalize on it.

Delegate the tasks that detract from allowing you to shine– doing what you do best.

2. Define “urgent” vs “important”.

By making this distinction, you can more effectively prioritize and accomplish your major goals list.

3. Focus on your priorities, not those of others.

Don’t be afraid to control your schedule. Be proactive in making plans.

4. Make written “To Do” lists & actually schedule time.

Write tasks into your calendar to ensure adequate time is allotted for accomplishing them.

5. Think “bite size”.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, break tasks into small chunks, even into 15-minute increments and you’ll see progress.

6. Set boundaries.

Don’t be afraid to make time for you and don’t let others encroach on it.

7. Ensure compatibility.

Make sure you work with people (in all areas of your life) whose values and integrity are consistent with yours.

8. Egos, be gone.

Don’t let clients intimidate you or bully you. It’s okay to ask why.

9. Reflect “You” in your work environment.

Decorate your space to support your creativity, energy and workflow…and avoid clutter.

10. End of Day Quarterbacking & Reward.

Take time to reflect on accomplishments at the end of each day, revise your priority list for the next day… and reward yourself with “quiet time” before going to bed.